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d12 MLA Citations Plugin
Easily add MLA style citations to your WordPress pages and posts.


This plugin adds a button to the second row of the TinyMCE toolbar in WordPress. It looks like an open book:

D12 mla 001.png

When you click on it, you have six options. Begin your citation section by selecting "Begin the citation section".

D12 mla 002.png

The next three options allow to enter citation information for a book, an article in an academic journal, and an article in a magazine. Selecting one of them gives you a popup where you can enter your citation information. Here's the popup for citing a book:

D12 mla 003.png

Here's the popup for citing an article in an academic journal:

D12 mla 004.png

And here's the popup for citing an article in a magazine:

D12 mla 005.png

If you need to add a note after a citation entry, you can use the "Add a note to a citation" option. Note: This note will appear in a separate paragraph without spacing below the citation entry. If you need to add information to your citation, such as a web address, use the "Additional Information" option in the citation popup, as in the academic journal example.

D12 mla 006.png

Finish your citation section by selecting "End the citation section".

D12 mla 007.png

Once you are finished, you will see something like this in the visual editor. (Actually, all the shortcodes will be bunched up against one another unless you hit "Enter" after entering each shortcode. Doing so is entirely optional—it won't make a difference when you publish your post.

D12 mla 008.png

Here's the finished output:

D12 mla 009.png