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D12 Message Blocks Changelog

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d12 Message Blocks
Do you like the idea behind Matt's "Hello, Dolly" plugin, but feel that it doesn't feed your inner nerd? Then here's "He's Dead, Jim" which has been shamelessly ported from Matt's plugin. The concept is the same, except that instead of lines from "Hello, Dolly" you get lines from Star Trek: The Original Series.

The official changelog is on WordPress, of course. However, for bleeding edge development, I keep a changelog here.

"Bleeding Edge" Versions

Bleeding Edge means versions that I am working on but that aren't necessarily even close to being ready for general release. I upload them to my personal git repo as I work, so that if I screw something up, I can get an old version back fairly readily.

My current goal is to add a couple of message blocks that do not have an icon, because sometimes you don't need one. The first message block type will not have a title; the second one will have a user-generated title.

I will probably at some point combine these two icons into a single icon with a single menu, and three submenus. I'll have to test the usability with submenus in TinyMCE.


2017.06.21 Major css upgrades, including:

  • Now enqueuing style.css to handle basic padding and margins.
  • Updated border style sheets and color style sheets to include both plain message blocks (no icon/no title) and plain message blocks with title (no icon).



  • Began experimenting with css to eliminate left padding on plain message blocks. (Need to ensure backward-compatibility here.)



  • Added shortcodes (d12-message-blocks.php).



  • JavaScript changes (js/d12mb.js):
    • Added horizontal divider in menu for new message blocks.
    • Added menu items for plain box (no title/no icon) and plain box with title (no icon).



  • Initial commit with current version.