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{{Template:External Resources}}
{{Template:External Resources}}
== General ==
* [ git merge - git corrupt files]
* [ How do you use git --bare init repository]
* [ What is the difference between git init and git init --bare]
* [ Adding a remote] — advice for Github, but also works on private git repos
== Git on Chrome ==
== Git on Chrome ==

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External Resources
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Git on Chrome


Git Repo Config

To initiate a bare repository:

git init --bare name-of-repo.git

To enable HTTP push:

Edit config and add:

    receivepack = true

Miscellaneous Links


These links describe the web interface to a Git repository.

To set the public owner of a repository, enter the repo in question and enter

git config gitweb.owner name

To set the category of a repository, enter the repo in question and enter

git config gitweb.category Category

Alternately, enter the repo in question and edit config, adding:

    owner = name
    category = Category