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Help:Linking to Other Wikis

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Linking to WikiPedia

You can easily create links to articles on the English verison of Wikipedia by using the the wpen interwiki prefix:


will create this link: wpen:Castles

To create a custom title, add the title after a pipe symbol. This code:

[[wpen:Castles | Castles on Wikipedia]]

will create this link: Castles on Wikipedia

Linking to Other Wikis

d12 Web Design and Development Support Manuals

You can link to any page on the d12 Manuals by using the d12man interwiki prefix. For example this code:

[[d12man:Sources of Images | sources of images]]

creates this link: sources of images

d12 Web Design and Development Work Flow

You can link to any workflow by using the d12wf interwiki prefix. For example, this code:

[[d12wf:public:button_makers | Button Makers]]

creates this link: Button Makers

Note: Many of the workflow pages are only accessible to logged-in users.