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  • Unknown|I don't know exactly
  • Free licenses:
    • OW-screenshot|OdleWiki screenshot
    • CC-by-sa-3.0|Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0
    • GFDL|GFDL: GNU Free Documentation License
    • GPL|GPL: GNU General Public License
    • LGPL|LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License
    • AdamKalsey|Adam Kalsey Button Images
  • Public domain:
    • PD-old-100|Author died more than 100 years ago
    • PD-old|Author died more than 70 years ago
    • PD-Art|Reproduction of a painting that is in the public domain because of its age
    • PD-US|First published in the United States before 1923
    • PD-USGov|Original work of the US Federal Government
    • PD-USGov-NASA|Original work of NASA
    • PD-USGov-Military-Navy|Original work of the US Military Navy
    • PD-ineligible|Too simple to be copyrighted
    • subst:Template 2|PD-textlogo|Trademarked|Logo with only simple text (wordmark)
    • Max Pixel|Public Domain Image from Max Pixel
    • Pixabay|Public Domain Image from Pixabay
  • Non-free license (exception):
    • CopyrightByKennethJohnOdle|Kenneth John Odle images