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== Completely Free Music ==
== Completely Free Music ==

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External Resources
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Completely Free Music

No licensing fees, no royalties, no costs whatsoever!

  • Freesound — Large collection of music and sounds released under a Creative Commons license.
  • Free music from PodSummit — Released under Creative Commons Zero.
  • Free Stock Music — "As a registered user, all of the songs on the site are available to you and you may use them freely and legally in your own projects, royalty free. | There are never any fees nor obligations for using Free Stock Music, but if you’re feeling generous, you can share the site with your friends and thank our sponsor, Footage Firm. | We offer a 100% royalty free license that allows you to use the music in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees." Be sure to read the full license agreement.

Royalty Free Music

Generally, you pay a licensing fee to download the music, but you are not required to pay royalties on any subsequent plays (and in some cases, uses) of that music.

  • NEO Sounds — Be sure to read about their license structure.
  • JewelBeat — Thousands of instrumental clips, currently at $2.99 per million views.
  • Opuzz — "Pay once & use forever. Simple as that."
  • Instant Music Now — Starting at $9.99.
  • Pond5 Royalty Free Music — Also, video and other media.
  • Epidemic Sound — "Sweden's best kept secret". Monthly plans for YouTube video; per-track plans for other uses.
  • Audioblocks — Monthly, yearly, and enterprise level subscription plans.

Additional Resources

Defunct (and much missed) Sites