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D12 Message Blocks Documentation

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d12 Message Blocks
Do you like the idea behind Matt's "Hello, Dolly" plugin, but feel that it doesn't feed your inner nerd? Then here's "He's Dead, Jim" which has been shamelessly ported from Matt's plugin. The concept is the same, except that instead of lines from "Hello, Dolly" you get lines from Star Trek: The Original Series.


Usage instructions are here.


You can install it from the WordPress admin, or via FTP. You can view both versions on the plugin's installation page on


Screenshots are available on the plugin page on


The official changelog is on WordPress, of course. However, for bleeding edge development, I keep a changelog here.


Will this plugin work with all themes?

It should. I haven't tested it with all themes, but I've written it in such a way that it should. If you encounter issues, please post a link to your site in the support forum along with a description of your issue.

Is this plugin responsive?

Yes. It should look good on all mobile devices, although on extremely narrow screens, the icon will shift to the top.

Can I change the border or background colors?

New in 2.0: You can now select from 10 different border styles and 11 different color schemes from the plugin's options page.

I can't see the toolbar buttons.

Click on the "Toggle Toolbar" button at the end of the first row.

Can I add links or lists?

You can add any html you like in the popup window, and it will be passed to the visual editor. If you are not comfortable editing html, it is easier to add links or lists after you have clicked "OK" and been returned to the visual editor.


It is possible to customize the plugin's appearance using a child theme. (I'm not sure if WordPress 4.7's new custom css feature will affect the admin pages. I need to investigate this.) (Add instructions here.)

Suggestions and Problems

If you have a problem, or want to suggest a feature, please do so on the plugin's dedicated support forum over on