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=== 0.7 ===
=== 0.7 ===
''May 2017''
''May 2017''
* Added ability to auto-update from my own WordPress respository. [See and]
* Added ability to auto-update from my own WordPress respository. (See and
=== 0.6 ===
=== 0.6 ===

Revision as of 01:40, 11 June 2017


Atticus Finch Theme
A monochrome theme for WordPress

Newer Pre-Release Versions


Release Date: 10 June 2017

  • Changed main menu list element height from 35px to 38px (menus.css, line 483)
  • Added z-index: 100 to nav#top-menu, nav#primary-menu (styles.css, line 155)
    (This is to help preventing sharing buttons in a widget area appearding on top of drop-down menus.)


June 2017

  • Removed border from image links (style.css)
  • Added image location information to image links when printing (print.css)
  • Menu modifications (menus.css)
    • Adjusted #belowheadermenu li:hover > ul > li height from 55px to 38px (line 483)
    • Menu code is from here

I had altered the menu styles to include space for link descriptions. However, I am far from implementing that option right now. In the meantime, I have rolled back the css to what I hope is correct.


May 2017

  • Corrected sanitization callbacks on social media options (customizer.php)
  • Made link colors in pages match those in posts. (I.e., changed .post a to .post-content a.)
  • Removed bottom border from social media links.
  • Fixed bug which prevented printing at full width (print.css).


May 2017

  • Corrected the way in which stylesheets are enqueued.
  • Added lang folder for translations.


May 2017

  • Corrected a bug with sanitization callbacks not being properly called in customizer.php.


May 2017

  • Added bottom margin to list elements in both screen and print stylesheets for easier visibility.
  • Adjusted hover color of post titles in archive pages.


May 2017


May 2017

  • Adjusted line height of list items in posts.
  • Adjusted print.css to print URLs after links.
  • Adjusted print.css so that #respond area in comments does not print.

Older Pre-Release Versions


I have no idea where this information went.


January 2016:

  • Fixed height of #container so background images do not appear behind text and sidebar. (footer.php, line 14)
  • Add background: #ffffff; to #container, header, and footer so background images do not appear behind text and sidebar
  • Removed bottom margin of header and top margin of footer