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Atticus Finch Theme Features

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Atticus Finch Theme
A monochrome theme for WordPress

This page describes the Atticus Finch theme features and how they appear on the front end of the theme.

To see how to implement these, please visit Atticus Finch Theme Options.

WordPress Features

Theme Features

Atticus Finch supports the following theme features:

Post Formats

Atticus Finch supports the use of post formats. It currently supports the following post formats:

  • Aside
  • Audio
  • Chat
  • Gallery
  • Image
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Status
  • Video

Post Format Title Options

Atticus Finch allows you to choose whether to show or hide post titles for the following post formats:

  • Aside
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Status

Post Format Excerpt Options

Atticus Finch allows you to show either excerpts or full content for the following post formats on archive pages:

  • Aside
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Status

The reasoning behind this option is that these post formats are meant to be short in nature, however, you may have the occasional post that goes a bit beyond the default excerpt length. By choosing to display full content even on archive pages, you can ensure that your visitors won't have to click a link just to see the few words that were cut off.

Widget Areas

Atticus Finch supports a number of action hook widget areas:

  • Before Header (This will appear before all other content.)
  • After Top Menu
  • Before Social Media
  • Before Primary Menu
  • After Header
  • Top of Container
  • Before Post Title
  • Top of Post
  • Bottom of Post
  • After Post Content
  • Before Post Meta (Post Meta is author, publication date, categories, and tags information.)
  • After Post Meta
  • Before Comments
  • After Comments
  • Before Comment Form
  • After Comment Form
  • Bottom of Container
  • Before Footer Menu
  • Top of Footer
  • Bottom of Footer
  • After Footer (This will appear after all other content.)

The location of most of these are self-explanatory.

Print Options

Copyright Information

Custom CSS

Social Media Options

Mobile Options

Mobile Menu Options

Miscellaneous Options