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Atticus Finch To-do List

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Atticus Finch Theme
A monochrome theme for WordPress

Code Changes

Need to add

#belowheadermenu > ul > li {
    z-index: 10;

Overall Changes

  • Make responsive v. 0.5
  • Add custom CSS feature Part of WordPress core
  • Create child theme; upload to Github 2016.01.28
  • Only load FontAwesome if not already loaded 2016.01.30
  • Write documentation 2016.01.26
    • Overriding styles
    • Overriding theme functions
    • Mobile break points (add as theme option)
    • HTML compliance
    • How content width feature works
    • Restricting height of custom post formats
    • Post format icons
  • Write FAQ
  • Update readme.txt
    • Description
    • Credit for Superfish jQuery menu custom css menu
  • Custom header image flex width
  • Register default theme options upon activation (?)
  • Add list of theme options here.
  • Load FontAwesome only if not already loaded
  • Add option for loading code into <head> element (premium version?) In child theme functions.php
  • Add option for loading code just before </body> element (premium version?) In child theme functions.php

Responsive to-do's

  • header.php
    • top menu -> select menu 2016.02.13
    • site description -> float 2016.02.13
    • social media menu -> ??? (select? redo as ul?) 2016.02.13 (It actually works on mobile as is, so let it go. It's nto really a hierarchical menu, anyway.)
  • #container
    • #content firsts, then #sidebar (adjust floats as necessary)
    • #content -> width: 100% 2016.02.13
    • #sidebar -> width: 100%, text-align: left 2016.02.13
  • footer.php
    • bottom menu -> select menu 2016.02.13
    • #copyright + #developer -> float: none; width: 100% 2016.02.13
  • no background image on body or header
  • add to style.css:
    • box-sizing: border-box 2016.02.13
  • Research header image flex width