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Atticus Finch Widget Areas

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Atticus Finch Theme
A monochrome theme for WordPress

Partial display of Atticus Finch Widget Areas Options

Atticus Finch has 22 different widget areas, allowing you to easily add content outside a post or sidebar without editing theme files or creating a child theme. Those areas are:

  • Before Header
  • After Top Menu
  • Before Social Media
  • Before Primary Menu
  • After Header
  • Top of Container
  • Before Post Title
  • Before Post Content
  • Top of Post
  • Bottom of Post
  • After Post Content
  • Before Post Meta
  • After Post Meta
  • Before Comments
  • After Comments
  • Before Comment Form
  • After Comment Form
  • Bottom of Container
  • Before Footer Menu
  • Top of Footer
  • Bottom of Footer
  • After Footer

Note: All of these areas are unstyled. You can style them with CSS in a child theme stylesheet.

To target all widget areas, use the css class atticus-finch-action-hook.

To target individual widget areas, use the following css id's:

Images are taken from a sample installation of WordPress with the site title "Atticus Finch WordPress Theme". Widget areas are shown with a red border and a pink background to indicate their location.
Widget Area CSS ID Image
Before Header atticus_finch_before_header Afwa-before-header.png
After Top Menu atticus_finch_after_top_menu
Before Social Media atticus_finch_before_social_media
Before Primary Menu atticus_finch_before_primary_menu
After Header atticus_finch_after_header
Top of Container atticus_finch_container_top
Before Post Title atticus_finch_before_post_title
Before Post Content atticus_finch_before_post_content
Top of Post atticus_finch_post_top
Bottom of Post atticus_finch_post_bottom
After Post Content atticus_finch_after_post_content
Before Post Meta atticus_finch_before_post_meta
After Post Meta atticus_finch_after_post_meta
Before Comments atticus_finch_before_comments
After Comments atticus_finch_after_comments
Before Comment Form atticus_finch_before_comment_form
After Comment Form atticus_finch_after_comment_form
Bottom of Container atticus_finch_container_bottom
Before Footer Menu atticus_finch_before_footer_menu
Top of Footer atticus_finch_footer_top
Bottom of Footer atticus_finch_footer_bottom
After Footer atticus_finch_after_footer