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This category is for articles about the Spanish language (including grammar and vocabulary) and the culture and history of Spanish-speaking cultures and countries.

It should not contains lists of translated words, nor should it contains long lists of conjugated verbs. Include only enough examples to explain the concept.

Please observe the following conventions:

  • Pages should be linked to subcategories of this category, rather than directly to this category.
  • If appropriate, pages can be added to more than one subcategory.
  • Make sure a new subcategory has " (Spanish Language)" added to the end to avoid confusion with the same topic in other languages.
  • Add a page to this category only if you are not sure which subcategory it belongs under, and note that in the page's discussion page.
  • To add a page to this category, add the following code at the top of the page:
    Add pages to subcategories in the same way, substituting the category name for "Spanish".

This category currently contains no pages or media.