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Category:WordPress Glossary

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This is a list of terms often used by WordPress users and developers. It is far from complete. This is based loosely on the glossary in the WordPress codex. Feel free to help me edit these pages by joining this wiki. (See the front page for instructions for joining this wiki.)

Keep in mind the following when editing these entries:

  • All WordPress glossary items should include "(WordPress)" in the title and hence, the URL.
  • Include [[Category:WordPress Glossary]] at the top of the page to include it in this category.
  • Definitions should be specific to WordPress. To cite usages outside of WordPress, link to that page without "(WordPress)" in the title. For example,
    • [[Absolute Path (WordPress)]] refers to absolute paths within the WordPress application
    • [[Absolute Path]] refers to absolute paths in general.
  • It is acceptable, and indeed, preferred that usages within WordPress and outside of WordPress link to each other. Simply add a "See Also" section to the bottom of the pages in question.
  • Add references to the glossary term in question from the WordPress codex after the first sentence of the definition. For example, add this <ref></ref> after the first sentence of the "Absolute Path (WordPress)" entry. (Be sure to add <references /> at the bottom of the page.)

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