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Lit Project FAQ

From OdleWiki

Which titles are you planning to add?

Please check this page on my wiki to see which titles I am planning to add.

How can I request a title be added?

See "Request a Title be Added".

Title X is still under copyright in my country.

You may not want to download it. I believe that all the titles here are in the public domain in the United States.

Title X offends me. Will you remove it?


Can I include these files on my own website?

No. While the works I've included here are in the public domain in the United States, the digitized files are my intellectual property. You are free to link to the Lit Project page, or to a specific author, but not to host and distribute these files yourself.

Okay, how do I link directly to an author?

Add a hashmark (#) followed by the author’s last name to the end of the Lit Project URL. For example, to link directly to the Nathaniel Hawthorne section of this page, use:

How can I support your efforts?

See "Support This Project", below.

Can I link directly to the pdf file itself?

You can, but I'd rather you didn't. Instead, please link to the Lit Project page itself, or to an author&rquo;s section of the page.

How can I cite these works in a paper I’m writing?

I am not really sure. I am only familiar with MLA-style citations, and I have yet to find a satisfactory citation method using that format. I suggest you check the Purdue OWL (one of my favorite resources) or consult your instructor.

Can I alter the files in any way?

No. While the works contained within these files are in the public domain, the actual files are my intellectual property.

Do you have teaching materials available for any of these works?

Yes. I have teaching materials available for some authors through Teachers Pay Teachers. Such authors will have a red file folder next to ther name.

Will these print correctly on A4/letter size paper?

They should, depending on the software you use to view and print them. A4 paper is narrower than letter-size paper, while letter-size paper is shorter than A4 paper. These documents have the width of A4 paper (210 millimeters) and the height of letter-size paper (11 inches), so they should print fine at 100% on both, although the margins will of course be different. If you have troubles, select "shrink to paper size" when printing.