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  • [[Category:CMS]] [[Category:Open Source Software]] [[Category:Wiki Software]]
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  • [[Category:CMS]] [[Category:Open Source Software]] [[Category:Wiki Software]]
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  • [[Category:Software Tutorials]] phpMyAdmin is software (written in php) that allows users to handle the administration of MySQL da
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  • ...// contact me via my contact form] and select "Join the wiki" from the "You would like to:" drop down menu. ...dit pages using MediaWiki software, please visit [ this page].
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  • ...ia practices. The goal behind these best practices is that members of this wiki spend more time creating content than fixing mistakes. * Learn how the wiki software (MediaWiki) here works. A good place to start is the "Help Pages".
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  • Please check [[Works to be Included | this page on my wiki]] to see which titles I am planning to add. They should, depending on the software you use to view and print them. A4 paper is narrower than letter-size paper
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