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D12 MLA Citations Documentation

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d12 MLA Citations Plugin
Easily add MLA style citations to your WordPress pages and posts.


Complete instructions are available here.

Technical information is here.


You can install it from the WordPress admin, or via FTP. You can view both versions on the plugin's installation page on


Screenshots are available on the plugin page on


Will this plugin handle multiple authors?

Yes, just enter it as you want it to appear: Updike, John, and Henry David Thoreau

Do I need to add quotation marks around article titles?

No, the plugin will handle it for you.

Do I need to italicize book titles, journal titles, or magazine titles?

No, the plugin will automatically italicize the titles of books, magazines, and academic journals.

What's the difference between adding "Additional information" at the end of a citation and adding a note to a citation?

The "Additional information" will be appended to the end of the citation paragraph. A note gets added below it, in a separate paragraph. See the screenshots for an example.

What's the difference between "end punctuation" and "internal punctuation"?

"End punctuation" is what comes at the end of each part of the citation. For example, a period after the author(s), another period after the title, etc.

"Internal punctuation" refers to punctuation within each part of the citation, for example, the comma in the author's name: "Lastname, Firstname".

The highlighting and clear floats plugins do not show up in the drop-down menu.

No, but they will be added in a future update. They can still be accessed by adding the appropriate shortcode manually.

I made a mistake in one of my citations. Do I need to delete it and start over again?

No. All your data is entered into your post as a shortcode, so you can edit your data in the shortcode.


If you wish to override any of the default styles, create a child theme and redefine the following classes and id however you like:

  • The css id #d12src wraps the entire "Works Cited" section and adds the border.
  • The css class .d12srcp is appended to each paragraph that contains a citation.
  • The css class .d12citenote is appended to each paragraph that contains a [note].
  • the css class .d12mlatitle is appended to the paragraph that contains "Works Cited".

Suggestions and Problems

If you have a problem, or want to suggest a feature, please do so on the plugin's dedicated support forum over on